About Us

We are two best friends committed to keeping drivers safer, happier, and less distracted. Drop Stop® is a high-quality product that is built to last. With seat belts and air bags there to protect you after you get into an accident, Drop Stop was created to protect yourself and your loved ones before you get into an accident.

Marc Newburger & Jeffrey Simon

How It Started

Marc Newburger, along with his fellow inventor Jeffrey Simon and a talented team, proudly presents the first product of its kind. Throughout the era of modern automobiles, drivers have endured the frustrating inconvenience of dropping items down the car seat crack, resulting in numerous near accidents. In 2006, Marc had a close call when his phone fell into the gap while driving on the Sunset Strip. Taking his eyes off the road for a split second, Marc veered onto a sidewalk, nearly struck a pedestrian and almost smashed into a pole being distracted. This incident led him to wonder why there was no solution to block this hazardous problem.

This experience deeply impacted Marc, and he shared the incident with Jeffrey sparking the idea for a solution. Together, they realized the potential to prevent similar accidents and embarked on a journey of faith and miracles. As they pursued their invention, they encountered challenges and blessings, and now, they are eager to share their journey and special moments with everyone.

Team Drop Stop®

To Protect from Swerve®

Top (from left to right): Jeff Whiteman, Scott Gold, Albert Bugoff, David Osokow. Bottom (from left to right): Michael Goldberg, Marc Newburger, Jeffrey Simon, Andrew Levine, Ari Ryan